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  • Chris Firth

A truly classic collaboration.

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Owning a classic scooter myself I jumped at the recent opportunity to work on this small but exciting new project.

Below is a recent collaboration between Buzzsolomoto a classic scooter emporium based in Yorkshire UK and Pinasco a manufacturer of high-end scooter parts based in Italy.

Using their knowledge along with the Pinasco brand and colours for inspiration the three scooters were designed and carefully restored by Buzzsolomoto using a host of high quality Pinasco parts including 177 touring kit, touring exhaust and front and rear shocks.

On seeing the finished scooters on social media Pinasco were very impressed and spotted the missing piece of the puzzle. They approached Buzzsolomoto and asked if they were to ship three sets of their Premium Black tubeless wheel rims across to the UK, if they could put these on the scooters and provide them with a marketing image that they could use for future promotional material and without hesitation Buzz agreed.

Time was of the essence as Anthony (Buzz Solomoto) had already sold one of the scooters so there was only a small window of opportunity to get a nice photo of these three limited edition scooters all together before the first buyer collected.

From the initial photography of the scooters through to the photoshop work this was a fun project to work on and a nice piece for the portfolio too.

If you have any projects that you need help with in the future please do not hesitate to get in touch.

E: | T: 07866 597 423

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