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All at the touch of a button!

It's been a pleasure to recently work with POS Ltd to produce two new brochures and an email marketing campaign to showcase their services.

For many years as children we sat around watching iconic TV like Star Wars & Star Trek, in awe of the technology the future would hold for us. When in reality most of it was just painted polystyrene (harsh, but true) and sound effects, but not any more! The future is now well and truly upon us and technology holds many of us in it's grasp every day . It's truly scary how fast technology moves and just how much difference an EPOS system can make to a retail or hospitality business of any size.

The Point of Sale is no longer a simple cash register, but a fully interactive terminal capable of everything from Stock Enquiries and Promotions to Customer Loyalty, Gift Card Processing and Chip & Pin and can be tailored to suit your needs.

POS Ltd - Hospitality Brochure

POS Ltd - General Brochure

POS Ltd - Email Marketing Campaign - Mailchimp

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